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Love your home.

As a proud home owner, your renovation means the world to you. You need a space that is beautiful and functional.

Fortunately, that describes what we do.


Our unique collaborative approach and our unwavering belief to place emphasis on design and craftsmanship equally, results in an even greater love for your home.

If you're looking for something quick and "good-enough"...

we're not the ones for you.

In the past, we have taken on projects where the home owners required something quick and “good-enough”.

We found it painful to say the least. We are perfectionists. We cannot help it, it’s in our DNA. We thrive when we are asked to be the very best we can be.

As a Josefik client, your design wants and needs for the space are discussed and considered when creating the plans. We will search for ways to bring more functionality to the space so that it really suits your lifestyle when complete.

Our process is a creative journey of customized options and opportunities that were never even dreamed of. The final result is a space to call your own. A space that makes perfect sense for your needs, and your design tastes. A space where every single element was considered and discussed and created custom for you and your family.

This is who we are at the core of our company.

Our vision is to reinvent the renovation process by valuing construction, design and collaboration equally.

Our mission is to collaborate with home owners, inspiring them to creatively customize their space and to not settle for anything less than perfection.

Our Core Values


Call us old fashioned, but all good things come from respecting one another. It was the way we were raised and it is the way we raise our children. We place respect as our primary core value and is the foundation of all our values.


The first role in any project is to be inspirational for our clients, and allow our clients to inspire us. Inspiration is fuel for creativity and committment.


We orchestrate detailed renovation projects by valuing the importance of clear communication on all levels. We take the time to listen and the time to speak with all parties involved. Everyone must know what’s going on at all times to stay connected throughout the process.


The end result is always better if we get there through collaboration. We consider every aspect of a project, especially the homeowner’s lifestyle. Working together gives us insight into the daily needs for the space.


We care about everything. Maybe even too much at times (if possible). We care about the end result from the very beginning, so the decisions we make early on, are the best option for the homeowners in the end.


We are always aware of the importance of looking at the big picture in all of our renovation projects. However, equally important is not overlooking even the smallest detail that will add to your satisfaction. We are perfectionists. Even the smallest details are given our full attention.

Our team includes you.

When working with Josefik, you become an important part of our team.
We collaborate with you every step of the way. We all love what we do, but the team here at Josefik all agree on one thing – it is the connection with the home owners that keep us excited and invested in the project.

When we decided to renovate our bathroom we turned to the professionals. Josefik came in, listened to what we wanted, made excellent recommendations, and presented a final design that fell within the budget constraints we had laid out for them. Once the renovation began, they kept in constant contact so there were no issues or surprises. They were as excited (if not more) as we were about how the final product would look. They delivered a professional product in a timely manner. In the end, we have a gorgeous bathroom that surpasses what we had hoped for! If I have one complaint, it’s that now we have to renovate our kitchen because the spa bathroom outshines the rest of the house!”

Josefik Design and Renovation Team are the perfect couple to do your dream reno!!! I have had numerous contractors work for me over the years, none compare to this team!!! The work they provided was amazing and went beyond any of my expectations (very high)!! Can’t stress how pleased I was with their professional advise and work ethic!! …the outcome was perfect!!! Can’t wait to work with this team again…

Yes. We can do that.

It's not what we do, it's how we do it. There's no job too big or too small for us to collaborate with you on. As long as we are being asked to do our very best for the space.

The best approach is to contact us to start the conversation. We’ll come out to speak with you, free of charge, and from there, we will both know if this is a project that’s a good fit for the Josefik team with regards to budget and timeline. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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